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It was the year 2022, when DK Singh, a spirited individual, decided to embark on a journey to create a better world. A world of wealth and comfort. And in this pursuit, he started DK & Sons Secure Tradeventures, a direct selling company that deals in electronics products. The organization has endeavored to make phenomenal progress towards its goal by making individuals financially independent with its diligent marketing model and with its best electronics products.

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FIIT Sound Bar

A soundbar is a slim, elongated speaker system that is designed to enhance the audio.

FIIT Surya Jucer

Juicers are designed to separate the juice from the pulp, providing a smooth and liquid .

FIIT Boolate Fan

Table fans are small, portable fans that can be placed on tables, desks, or other surfaces.

FIIT Press D/W-1000

An iron press typically consists of a large, flat pressing surface with an attached handle or lever.

FIIT Press D/W-1200

The iron press is mentioned as being ultra-light, which suggests that it is lightweight.

FIIT Press D/W-1500

The electric iron press features a colorful pattern, suggesting that it has a visually appealing .

FIIT ilton jucer mixer

Juicer mixers feature a juicing attachment or container specifically designed.

FIIT Celling Fan D / W

Ceiling fans typically have two or more blades that rotate in a circular motion to move air.

FIIT 8.5 Kg Washing Machine

An 8.5 kg washing machine is considered to have a large

FIIT 7.5 Kg Washing Machine

A 7.5 kg washing machine refers to the capacity of the washing machine.

FIIT 43 inch Smart Led TV

For a 43-inch TV, a common resolution is Full HD (1920x1080 pixels).However, you may also find 43-inch TVs

FIIT 32 inch Smart Led TV

A 32-inch TV is considered to be in the smaller range and is suitable for compact spaces such as bedrooms, small living.

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